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An Analog Life: Remembering Jim Williams

The world around us is a symphony of vibrations. From temperature, light, sound and a host of other physical quantities, we live in a world of continuously varying signals. Capturing these signals and making them do amazing things is the domain of the analog circuit designer.

Join us for the special night on October 15 featuring a panel discussion on the world of analog systems and one of its biggest stars, Jim Williams. 

Williams was a remarkable man: an engineer who was self-taught yet set the bar for the entire technical community. Artist, scientist, mentor and teacher, celebrate and reflect upon this man's influence and on the world of analog systems around us with five distinguished guests:

- Co-founder and CTO of Linear Technology , Bob Dobkin, 
- Founder and CTO, Bam Labs Inc, Steve Young, 
- Vice President, Power Management Products, Linear Technology, Steve Pietkiewicz, 
- Professor, Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Greg Kovacs. 
- Museum President & CEO, John Hollar will moderate the conversation.

On the same day, the Museum also opened its new exhibit: "An Analog Life: Remembering Jim Williams," featuring Jim Williams's famous analog workbench. We hope you can join us Oct 15 to see the exhibit and attend the panel.

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[Recorded: October 15, 2011]