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Daihatsu EV Concepts - PICO, FC ShoCASE, and D-X - Tokyo Motor Show 2011...

"This car is a two-seater EV commuter, so it fills the gap between mopeds and compact cars. It's 1 m wide and 2.4 m long, and two adults can ride in it, one behind the other. The aim of having such a small width is to get down narrow roads and maneuver easily."
"One feature of this car is that the central band can light up in different colors. This is for safety. For example, a blue light indicates that you are going up to 50 km/h on ordinary roads. The green light shows that you're in low-speed mode, which is up to up to 6 km/h. We've made it 6 km/h because that's the speed limit for senior cars."
"The FC ShoCASE is a fuel-cell powered EV. It's the size of a compact car, and it's intended as a light wagon for business use."

"The main feature of the ShoCASE is, it uses a fuel cell with a new liquid fuel. This means you can fill its small tank just like you would at a gasoline stand. The ShoCASE generates electricity through a chemical reaction, and runs as an EV. As you can see, all the mechanical parts fit under the floor, so the space above can be used freely. The ShoCASE can be used by small businesses, and as a camping car, or even for live music performances."
"The D-X is one aspect of Daihatsu's theme at this show, which is that small cars will greatly influence the environment, daily life, and the future. The D-X has a tough, aggressive exterior and a spartan interior; the idea is, it's fun to drive because small cars are really very sporty."
"The X in D-X means a cross between daily life and more exciting activities. This car is fun to own and drive, not just for commuting and shopping, but for leisure and self-expression, too. Right now, we're at the stage of considering this enjoyable concept of leisure crossover."