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Free SEO keyword tools you should know..

Keywords are the life-blood of search engine optimization and you need a good SEO keyword tool to find the jewel for your website or blog. You can also say that it is the foundation of any successful website.

I am going to do a series of posts on SEO Tools free and paid that will come handy when performing search engine optimization. First of all, I am going to start with keyword tools that you must add to your list.

Importance of Keywords

As you know every customer start their search on Google, Yahoo, Bing by typing a keyword or key-phrases to find relevant source of information, products and services. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right keywords for your website and blog.

Following are the top SEO keyword tools that will help you find the best keywords.

Google Global Market Finder

This is a unique tool and very useful to get the keyword trends by countries. It is good for getting the details based on geographical location. It is a good tool and you can try it to check some interesting insights.

Google Keyword Tool

As you all know Google Keyword Tool it works perfectly when you are setting up a PPC campaign or working on your keyword suggestions. It is very helpful and insightful tool to give you the idea about keywords, their traffic, and competition, searches, CPC, trends and so much more. However, some of the experts may suggest using other tools because Google keyword tool show only limited data.

Google Suggestions and Related Searches

It is very useful when you go to google.com and enter any keyword phrase, it shows you related searches in long tail variations. After performing any search you can click on “More Search Tools” on left and select “Related Searches”. It will show you related searches to your keyword and you can use these keywords in Google keyword tool to check how many monthly searches are performed.

Keyword Spy

Keyword spy is a very handy tool gets the insights of organic searches, PPC and advertising. You can spy on your competitors. However, the free version is limited to number of results.

Keyword Pot

It is a perfect free keyword tool that will allow you to find a list of phrases and synonyms. You can create projects by selecting any keyword. Moreover, it has simple interface that everyone can use easily. For example, if you type the keyword “Lawyer” it will show you related keywords, synonyms that you can use in your campaign. Not many people are aware of this wonderful tool.

Google Insights

Google insights is a useful tool that allows you to find the trends about keywords. You will get the idea what the world is searching. For example, if you search for “Free SEO Tools” it will show you the trend graph and the country where most searches are done for the keyword.

Google Trends

It is a very handy tool and many internet marketers have used it wisely to generate good income. You can see the latest search trends going and what people are searching these days. People often target the “hot searches” section to create informational blogs and websites to earn good income.

Keyword Niche Finder

It is a good keyword finding tool that will search for you related keywords. It will show you a list of keyword variations and searches. However, you can get the full insights and information on the paid version. You can use the free version to generate keyword ideas and select them to work on Google Keyword tool.

Metamend Keyword Density Tool

It is a useful keyword density tool that will allow you to spy on competitors mostly targeted keywords in shape of cloud.

SEO Centro Keyword Suggestion Tool

It is basic keyword suggestion tool that shows you related keyword suggestions based on Yahoo search data.

SEO Centro Keyword Density Tool

This tool is much better by SEO Centro. It helps you to spy on competitors and let you find their targeted keywords easily. You can work on selecting the top keywords and research using Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai or Traffic Travis.

Webconfs Keyword Density Tool

This tool will help you analyze the density of keywords on any website by simply entering the URL.

SEO Toolset Tools

It is by famous SEO Company Bruce Clay. You can access many tools like page analyzer, link analysis reports and suggest keywords tool.

SEM Rush

It is very useful tool that will show you phrase match results for keyword that you enter and it will show the competitors for the keyword. However, the paid tool is the real deal for experts. Free version is limited to few results and insights.

David Naylor Keyword Density Tool

It is a very useful tool that will also show status code of a website, keyword density, and IP address where the website is hosted.

Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool

It will help you to find many related keywords and synonyms. It will show more than hundred related keywords and synonyms.

Google Correlate

Google correlate is a good tool that shows correlated keywords a term you enter. It is aggregated on daily millions of searches performed.


It is a really good tool that will show you PPC, Keywords data, ads variations and so much more for free. However, you need full version to unlock the more indepth features.

 At first, we can find 10 free keyword tools by Google:

Keyword Tool External

Google Trends

Google News

Google Sktool

Goolge Insights for Search

Google Sets

Traffic Estimator Sandbox

Google Analytics

Google Webmasters Tools

Google Alerts

Another top 10 free keyword tool:

Suggestions by CheckRankings.com

Google Suggest Scraper Tool

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

DigitalPoint Keyword Suggestion Tool

Nichebot (Classic).


GoLexa Search Tool

Keyword Lizzard

Ontology Finder

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Free Keyword Discovery




Keyword Difficulty Tool



These are some of the handy SEO keyword tools that will help you select the best keywords for your blog and website. However, there are some good paid keywords tool giving you more insight and information.