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How to import bookmarks into mozilla firefox browser

When we searching on the web we find many interesting and important web pages, we cannot remember all those, so we book mark those pages to check for the later visit. Bookmarks are very important for the net users, who work regularly on the internet. All modern web browsers include bookmark features. 

Do not worry when we use another browser not regular browser which has all the bookmarks, we can import book marks. 

Now we are going to learn how to import bookmarks into Mozilla Firefox Browser from another browser like internet explorer, Google Chrome...

Follow these simple steps
Step1: open your Mozilla browser, in the top menu bar you can find the book marks menu click on that book marks menu, now you can find show all bookmarks (check below picture1).

Step2: click on show all bookmarks; you can get another pop up window, you can find import and back up button on the top of the window click on that button (check below picture 2)

Step3: From the drop down menu click on import data from another browser button .you can select the browser from the next window and click next. You can find another window now you can check bookmarks along with bookmarks you can check cookies, browser history then click next
(check below pictures)

Now check your Mozilla browser bookmarks menu, you can find all the imported bookmarks.

 Please check this Video you will find the process easily


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