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How to import bookmarks into chrome

When we searching on the web we find many interesting and important web pages, we cannot remember all those, so we book mark those pages to check for the later visit.
Bookmarks are very important for the net users, who work regularly on the internet. All modern web browsers include bookmark features.

Do not worry when we use another browser than the regular one which has all the bookmarks, we can import book marks.

Now we are going to learn how to import bookmarks into chrome browser from another browser like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox...

In simple 3 steps we can import bookmarks and settings of other browser

Step1:  go to chrome browser options menu top right side and select book mark menu in that we find import book marks and settings. You can find this in the below picture

(Note: attaching the exact screen shot image to know the real view)

Image 1
Step2: After click on the import book marks and settings we can find another window, in that we can select browser from which we want to import from the drop down menu, and also we can check the options browser history, search engines, saved passwords, auto fill form data to import.

Check the below image

Image 2

Step3: click on import and find the books marks on your chrome browser

(Note: You have to close the browser from which you are going to import while doing this process)

Check this video